How YCraft Works

We connect people looking for custom made products with talented crafters

Looking for something unique and custom made?

You got a new apartment and want to decorate it? Or maybe you have a friend who loves Star Trek and you want to gift him a custom ring? You might have a great idea, but how do you turn this idea into a product? This is where YCraft can help you.

1. Describe your project

Start by describing your project or idea. Specify materials, measurements and other details that you consider important. Attach pictures of similar products or even your own sketches.

2. Select a crafter

Crafters will review your project and send you the offers. Each crafter brings something unique into the project and they all have individual approach to crafting. Carefully review each offer, check crafter's previous work and reviews.

3. Collaborate with crafter

You can manage and track the progress of your project on Project Feed page. Send and receive messages regarding your project. Easily and quickly let the crafter know about the changes to the requirements and get crafter's opinion on certain elements of your project.

Receive your Custom Made item

Once crafter finished your project, it is shipped to you. Since the transaction goes through our platform, we will verify that it is fair and will resolve any issues between you and a crafter.

What you waiting for?

Looking for the perfect gift? Maybe you have an idea, but don't know how to turn it into a product?

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