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Bespoke and custom made goods

8 September, 2015 by YCraft

A lot of people have fantasies about that perfect item - a unique wedding ring, custom designed bookcase, one-of-a-kind coffee table, but it is very hard for them to find makers who can help turn that idea into a real product.

We at YCraft are trying to develop a platform that will connect people looking for custom and bespoke goods with talented makers & crafters. Customers on YCraft can submit a request for a project, provide dimensions, specify materials and add some pictures for inspiration. All projects are posted to a job board where crafters can review the projects and send out offers to the projects they would want to make.

It is often hard for makers & crafters to promote and sell their goods. YCraft can help with that by becoming a new source of work for the makers. In addition to that, custom made products have more value for the customer and, as a result, buyers are willing to pay more. YCraft provides access to new type of customers and can enable makers to regularly receive new work opportunities.

We understand that we are a new kid on a block, so we are running a special promotion for the makers. It is free to register and maintain membership with us for everyone. In addion to that, we are running a special promotion: all service fee will be voided for the first 100 makers.

To sum up, we are trying to establish a platform for all things custom. If you are looking for something unique, we welcome you.