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Supporting local craftsmanship and making it easy for people to get bespoke and custom products

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Our mission is to help promote local craftsmanships and make custom made products accessible to everyone. We believe people are getting tired of mass produced and manufactured products. We want to help people turn their ideas into real products by connecting them with talented makers.

We want to go back in time when people appreciated quality more than quantity and when people cared about the things they buy. Our goal is to build a platform where people can order unique products exactly the way they want it and at the same time provide new source of income for small local makers with amazing skills.

Bespoke and custom products not only are higher quality, but they are more valuable because of the personal involvement in the creation of it. Products like these have emotional component.

The Team

Andrei Cheshko

Andrei Cheshko

Co-Founder & CEO

Before starting YCraft Andrei spent three years at Bloomberg, working in Trading Systems where he gained experience in software development, project management and business development. Andrei likes to play sports, especially football, and believes it is usefull in developing many skills, such as flexibility, communication and leadership. Andrei holds Software Engineering degree from University of Waterloo.

Dimitry Kislichenko

Dimitry Kislichenko

Co-Founder & CTO

Dimitry is full stack iOS and Web developer passioned by new technologies. Dimitry has been mastering his skills for the last 12 years and feels confident working on a project of any complexity. In the past, Dimitry cofounded geo social network - Anubii and gift-card iOS app MobiCard, which became #1 in Latvian App Store.

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